10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Location Tech For Your Panic Buttons (and Other IoT Needs)

Many people think it will never happen at my property, and it is that important.  Will I have a guest that one of my hotel workers finds needs medical attention?  Will a guest leave a room without realizing that they left their sink or bathtub faucet running, causing the water to flow onto the floor?  Will one of my hotel employees be harassed by a guest? The answer is “greater than 50% chance they will be harassed”.

#1: Compliant With Los Angeles Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance

Location Tech makes your property compliant with the Los Angeles Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance.   

On Thursday, July 7, 2022, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti signed into law the Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance[RK1], which requires hotels to provide workers with personal-security devices to protect them from violent or threatening guests while also extending minimum wage requirements to smaller hotels.


#2: A Solution For All Administrative Requirements

Location Tech’s solution tracks all administrative requirements related to training, individual worker, and building requirements for the Los Angeles Worker Protection Ordinance.

#3: Much More Than Panic Buttons 

The Location Tech system is not a point solution – once it is in place (say, for panic buttons), the same infrastructure can be leveraged to add other IoT solutions.  Support for additional use cases can be added incrementally, and no upfront planning is required. Problems such as guests flooding bathrooms, temperature monitoring to remotely track food safety controls and system outages, occupancy monitoring, plus other solutions, including our soon-to-be-released shot detection system, are all within the Location Tech platform.

#4: The Best Technology Available 

Best of Breed technology follows industry standards/protocols defined by the LoRa Alliance and Bluetooth Special Interest Group.  By following industry standards, interoperability is achieved.  

#5: 99% Accurate Location  

All panic button solutions promise to report the specific room from where an alert originated. Still, our competitors can achieve, at best, 70% accuracy in their location reports, while Location Tech can report the correct room with 99% accuracy.  Accurate location matters when someone needs help quickly.  As a former Navy SEAL, the CEO of Location Tech, Jeff Engel, knows firsthand the importance of precise and accurate location.  

#6: Blind Spot Free

Location Tech’s multi-band wireless solution ensures panic buttons work in places such as underground stairwells. Other solutions that depend solely on cellular or Wi-Fi backhauls tend to fail. 

#7: Backhaul Flexibility

All panic button/IoT solutions require access to the Cloud on the public internet.  Location Tech infrastructure can use Cellular backhaul for simplicity of deployment or leverage existing Wi-Fi or Ethernet deployments.  The latter option will provide some cost savings, while the Cellular backhaul option will keep the Location Tech infrastructure utterly separate from the hotel’s network. Mixing and matching these different options within the same installation is possible. 

#8: High Reliability

With Location Tech, you have the option of installing a two-layer solution that increases the reliability of your solution by offering redundant and independent pathways for the alert to travel to the backend.  This ensures that a single-point failure will not bring down the entire network, as may be the case with much of our competition.  The extra assurance that this reliability provides could make all the difference when dealing with emergencies. 

#9: The Location Tech Team

The Location Tech technical team has vast experience in companies such as Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Nokia, which are leaders in the wireless industry.  The team also has a former Navy SEAL that spearheads our operations.  The team has worked hands-on on multiple generations of cellular technology, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wireless Power.  The team augments its wireless expertise with cutting-edge expertise on backend technologies (including Cloud), which are central to any successful IoT deployment.  The group follows industry standard best practices in software development to ensure high-quality deliverables.  

#10: Our Support

Location Tech offers best-in-class after-sales support.  We pick up the phone! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of many of our competitors, who are often hard to locate once the installation is done.  Location Tech will remotely monitor your infrastructure’s health (including the panic buttons themselves). It will proactively alert you about any issues before you are even aware of them. 

How To Get Location Tech? 

August 7, 2022, is quickly approaching.  Location Tech can install a compliant solution before you start incurring penalties to avoid penalties.   As a technology company headquartered in Southern California, we can be hands-on to ensure you are quickly compliant to include all proper training, signage, and document storage that meets the Los Angeles ordinance requirement. 

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