Keep your people safe through targeted, instant alerts to the right responders.

Take care of your people.

Help is just a click away

Legislation and labor groups are introducing new regulations for companies to protect employees.

Our customized solutions comply with new laws, AHLA’s 5-Star promise and keep the people on your property safe, healthy, and happy.

Keep Employees Safe

We help you meet new safety standards in the workplace. Your notification network is independent and blind-spot free, meaning no incident slips through the cracks.

Contact Trace Health Hazards

Notify people who have been exposed to dangerous pathogens, stopping the spread sooner. Zero in on exactly which areas have been contaminated so you can sanitize them promptly.

Track Separation and Reunification

Established relationships between devices to ensure people get where they need to go and identify when they don’t.

Provide Rapid Customer Service

Attend to customers and guests at their exact locations, right when they need you.

Industries We Serve

Real Estate





Case Study: Valley View Casino – Panic Button for AHLA 5-Star Promise Protection (Solution 1 of 3)

Location Tech’s partner, Valley View Casino uses its private blindspot-free network to ensure that both its guests and employees are safe when on their property as part of the company’s commitment to support the AHLA 5-Star Promise.  While Valley View was already a safe place to work, they wanted to add an additional layer of protection to ensure their employees were not only safe, but felt safe.  Since deploying the network across the property, Valley View’s employees carry our 3D panic buttons as they perform their work onsite. In particular, Guest Room Attendants (GRAs) utilize the safety system while working in the property’s hotel to ensure that if they need security, they have a silent way to contact them and letting them know exactly where they need help.

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