Keep your places safe through targeted, instant alerts to the right responders.

Keep your place in order.

Targeted alerts keep you in-the-know about the status of your facility.

Location Tech promptly notifies you about health and safety concerns on your property, allowing you to quickly respond.

Monitor Environmental Dangers

Become aware of harmful air pollutants or environmental conditions before they manifest. Set a new standard of preparedness, and get ahead of costly damages.

Promptly Address Hygiene Concerns

Maintain the cleanliness of your facility to keep people healthy. Swiftly trace where people’s illnesses have contaminated specific zones.

Detect Radon and Other Harmful Gases

Stay on top of radon gas and other harmful emissions between your buildings regular inspections.

Leak Detection

Protect your building against accidental floods from user errors.

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Case Study: Valley View Casino – Smart Leak Detection System (Solution 2 of 3)

In addition to the 3D Panic Buttons and Smart Sanitizing Dispensers, Location Tech deployed a Smart Water Leak Detection System at Valley View Casino, to help reduce damage caused by overflowing sinks, leaking washing machines, and other areas prone to flooding. The Smart Leak Detection System utilizes the same private network and software as the 3D Panic Buttons and Smart Hand Sanitizers (see People and Places pages) to monitor and inform the appropriate employees when there is a leak to be addressed. They are able to react to the situation before it becomes a costly problem.


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