Alerting Technology

Alert technology that moves with you.

A 3D and Blindspot-Free Wireless Network.

Our independent network systems provide 100% coverage in 3-dimensions.

Customized systems enable you to track “alert-level” situations and know exactly where the problem is.

Operates in Three Dimensions

Identifying precise 3-dimensional locations inside buildings is very difficult. Our technology pinpoints precise locations along the X, Y, and Z axes; allowing responders to get to the incident without wasting any time

Private Wireless Network

We set up secure private networks specific to your location, which gives you peace of mind.

Built For Mobility

While other notification systems rely on static installed hardware, Location Tech’s solutions are as mobile as the people who use them.

Zero Blind Spots

We completely eliminate your weak spots. Our networks cover every square foot of your facility, ensuring every alert reaches the right group every time for help is heard.

Multiple Wireless Frequencies

We use multiple wireless technologies – without being dependent on any one. Translation: guaranteed consistent coverage.

Our Solutions

Panic Buttons

Mobile Apps



Private Networks

Industries We Serve

Real Estate





Case Study: Valley View Casino Environmental Sensors and Private Network

At Valley View Casino, our system monitors the entire property. From the hotel, to the casino floor to the offices located on the other side of property, Location Tech’s private network gives the same 3D blindspot free signal to enable a wide variety of use cases that fit their needs. As an example, a customer came to us and said a guest had accidentally left a sink running in their room which caused over $40,000 worth of damage for that one flooding incident. In a few short weeks, we had a device built and added to their already installed Location Tech Wireless Private Network. we also have have envoronmental sensors that help measure the air. The goal is to always measure and ensure they are providing the best and most enjoyable environment possible for their customers.

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