Mobile Panic Button Solutions for Schools & Campuses

When seconds count, don’t settle for second-rate: Location Tech solutions are Alyssa’s Law-compliant and offer up to 2X more accurate room and floor geolocation

We Keep Emergency Help at Your Fingertips

Location Tech provides mobile Panic Button solutions with integrated 2-way communication device options, best-in-class geolocation capabilities, and a proprietary 3D and blind spot-free private wireless network

Panic Buttons have come a long way since the original “duress alarms” that were installed in many types of workplaces, including schools and campuses, banks, hospitals, retail spaces, and more. Originally they were small buttons affixed to the underside of a counter or desk that people could push if they found themselves faced with an emergency situation.

Today’s panic buttons are wireless and designed to operate as mobile devices. But with that mobility comes a new challenge:

Keeping emergency help always within reach requires precise and accurate geolocation capabilities. This is where Location Tech’s proprietary AI-powered software and best-in-class network infrastructure really deliver!

“Location Tech’s network and smart devices have really improved our ability to provide a higher level of safety & risk management property-wide.”
Boyd Long

SDPD Assistant Chief of Police (Ret.), VP of Security & Transportation

Unlock Flexibility, Unleash Security on Any Campus

Location Tech’s solution provides multiple device options without compromising on precise geolocation capabilities, keeping help always within reach.

More Ways to Solve for Your Evolving Needs

Panic Buttons
Private Networks
Starting with our pure-play mobile Panic Button solution, schools also have the option to add state of the art Motorola® radios – with or without integrated Panic Buttons – to design a custom mobile alert and security communications solution that is tailored to the school campus and staff needs.
With our private wireless network infrastructure, you can add more building sensors – such as water leaks, product replenishment, air quality and emissions, room temperature, doorways, etc. – as needed, with no additional infrastructure required. This provides an opportunity to expand the use case to multiple monitoring applications across campus facilities, very economically.

The Fundamental Difference

AI-Powered, Real-Time Analysis + Network Infrastructure

Location Tech chose LoRa and & 900Mhz Band Network Infrastructure for its private wireless network infrastructure, and developed proprietary algorithms to process geolocation signal data. This offers schools maximum connectivity compared to other solutions that rely on Wi-Fi, cellular or Bluetooth networks, which are more expensive and complex, and less reliable.

Designed for Mobility

Location Tech’s solutions are as mobile as the people who use them, and our integration with Motorola®, the leader in commercial wireless radios, such as MOTOTRBO and TLK 25, provides additional options, with no additional network infrastructure and precise 3D geolocation capabilities.

Best-in-Class Geolocation Capabilities

When seconds count, don’t rely on second-rate! On site testing shows our room and floor geolocation IDs are up to 2X more accurate than other solutions.

Zero Blind Spots

Where Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth networks fall short is where Location Tech excels. Our network configuration covers every square foot of your campus, with minimal infrastructure, for a lower cost of ownership and blind spot-free connectivity to ensure that every alert reaches the right first responder.

Multimodal Alerts, Cloud-based Dashboard

Configure and monitor alerts in real time via a simple, easy-to-navigate online dashboard which displays essential information, and provides drill-down details, too. There’s no limit to the number of people who can receive notifications, with 24/7 global reach configurable to phone, email, SMS and text.

Does Your School Meet Alyssa’s Law Requirements?

We work to configure our Panic Button and wireless network infrastructure solutions to ensure your system will be Alyssa’s Law-compliant. The intent of the law is to make sure that public elementary and secondary school buildings are adequately equipped with silent panic alarms that will directly notify first responders in case of an emergency.
 Specifically required:

  • Have physical and digital panic button(s) in the facility
  • Send alerts directly to the first responders
  • Notify all staff and students of a crisis through multiple channels
  • Enable schools to conduct Panic Button alert system drills

Location Tech Guiding Principles

In designing a solution for schools and educational organizations, Location Tech’s team adopted these guiding principles:


  • Minimal infrastructure, simple installation. If the system has fewer moving parts, there are fewer things to fail. Similarly, the fewer steps and less stringent the installation steps, the less likely it will be to make mistakes. Experience has shown us that whatever can fail, will fail, so we incorporate fewer points of failure for less maintenance overall
  • Accurate location fixes, above all. What’s the point of an emergency panic alarm if it cannot accurately locate you? We have used our cumulative 100+ years of wireless engineering expertise to solve this problem in an elegantly simple way
  • Our system will support additional functionality, and operate as a platform, not a point solution. This allows schools to adopt only the functionality you need today with the option add more as needs evolve in a modular way, which allows easy expansion and makes the system less brittle
  • Leverage an ecosystem of IoT sensors that is extensive and cost effective. We set aside the “Not Invented Here” syndrome because it’s not cost-effective
  • Simple and intuitive to use. If a system is too difficult to understand and use, then it won’t get used. We want our solutions to be impactful, so we have carefully thought through how people will actually use it.
“Location Tech offered us a true WIN-WIN-WIN. We needed their Panic Button solution to meet the requirements of the LA ordinance, but we were delighted to find out that we could add on a solution to prevent another failure with our mission-critical water cooling towers – a total win-win-win!”
Greg Marshall

Chief Engineer

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